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Lodging Notice

Ming Chuan Hotel Lodging Information

*Payment Information

1. Listed fees cover lodging and cleaning costs. Breakfast is not included (Additional fee will be charged for breakfast.).

2. This is a teaching hotel. All charges are payable by cash in NTD, only.

3. Ming Chuan Hotel does not charge service fee and guests can complete the payment procedure on the day they arrive at the hotel to check in.

4. New Taiwan Dollar exchange information: There are many banks around Ming Chuan Hotel that provide currency exchange service, please visit the reception desk to ask for more details, if needed.


*Accommodation Information

1. Parking Service: The entrance of Ming Chuan Hotel Parking Lot is located at the crossroad of DaNan and JiHe Roads, next to the security office. Guests need to first apply for a parking permit from security guard at 3rd floor and pay a NTD500 deposit, which will be refunded upon return of the parking permit. Please locate and park in parking spaces numbered 93, 94 or 95 on B3. (If those are full, please park in spaces marked with MCU.)

2. Identity Documentation: Every guest has to present valid MCU student ID, passport, ID card or driving license for check in (except for children under 14 years old).

3. Elevator access control: For guests’safety, elevator access controls are implemented on the 7th and 8th floors. On your check-in date, please go to the 3rd floor first so that the security guard may assist you with the access control to go up to Ming Chuan Hotel reception desk (7th floor).

4. Check-in: Please check in after 3pm on arrival date. If you desire early check-in, please notify Ming Chuan Hotel the day before you arrive. Extra fee (from half-day rate to full-day rate) may be charged, depending on the situation and your arrival time.

5. Check-out: Please check out before 12pm on departure day. If you desire late check-out, please notify Ming Chuan Hotel in advance. Extra fee (from half-day rate to full-day rate) may be charged, depending on situation and your actual time.

6. Please check all the facilities when you enter the room; kindly inform the front desk if you find any damage.

* Lodging Notice

1. Ming Chuan Hotel is a teaching hotel, so we only accept reservations from MCU students, alumni, faculty/staff members or their relatives - immediate family or twice-removed. We also accept reservations for specially invited MCU domestic and overseas guests. Reservations and lodging are not open to other guests. In addition, aside from immediate family or relatives up to twice removed, current MCU students cannot share a Ming Chuan Hotel room with guests of the opposite sex.

2. To maintain the quality of Ming Chuan Hotel and guests ’safety, there is access control on 7th and 8th floors of Ming Chuan Hotel. Access control is also implemented at the 1F entrance of Jihe Complex from 12:00 AM to 06:00 AM. Ming Chuan Hotel guests are advised to take door cards with them in order to access the 1F entrance and elevator.

3. For your safety, please do not use any electrical appliances not provided by Ming Chuan Hotel to cook food in the guest rooms.

4. Smoking is strictly prohibited in Ming Chuan Hotel. Smokers may be charged with a cleaning fee between NTD 2000 to NTD 10000. Guests who smoke are asked to please go outside the 1st floor doors to smoke and dispose of cigarette butts in the trash cans placed in the stairwells on 7th and 8th floors; do not take cigarette butts back to your room.

5. If guests accidentally damage the hotel carpet, they will be charged a cleaning fee of NTD 800 per square foot.

6. Valuables should be taken care of by guests. Ming Chuan Hotel shall not be held liable for safe keeping.

7. Two room cards will be provided for each room. Please return the room cards and rental items back to the reception counter before you leave. Guests who have lost or damaged the room cards or rental items borrowed from Ming Chuan Hotel or who have failed to return them as scheduled will be charged processing fee of NT$ 500 for each room card,  current market price for rental items.

8. Guests should use all the facilities properly. Guests who damage any room facilities will be charged current market price for repair or replacement.

9. Please take all your belongings with you when checking out. Ming Chuan Hotel shall not be held liable for safekeeping of any valuables left unattended in room.

10. Room Facilities: LED-TV (Chinese, English and Japanese channels), handmade wood desk, handmade wood closet, handmade wood furniture, digital hotel safe, flashlight, Mini Bar (free water, instant coffee and tea bags), automatic central air conditioning, refrigerator, hot water kettle and slippers. Facilities in bathroom include walk-in shower, toiletries, hairdryer and towels.

11. Ming Chuan Hotel provides free basic wired or wireless Internet; log-in information is printed on the room card folder.

12. Ming Chuan Hotel provides other facilities such as Business Center, Product Innovation Center, fitness room, coin-operated laundry and vending machines. Guests are welcome to use these facilities.

13. To save our planet and reduce waste, we kindly invite you join the activity of reducing water waste and detergent pollution. Please put towels in the bathtub or wash basin if you need to exchange them; we really appreciate your cooperation.

14. For other information, please read the Ming Chuan Hotel service guide or kindly contact us by phone (02)28824564 ext. 7000 or 7001.



by Dr. Radut.