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2015.8.19 Jihe campus Announcement

2015-16 AY Jihe Complex Vehicle (Indoor) Parking Permit Applications

Jihe Complex vehicle parking permits are open for application starting on August 19.  If you need one, please download the "Parking Permit Application form" from the Jihe Administration Division website and complete the form, then bring it along with your original driver''s license and vehicle registration (The vehicle must be owned by the applicant, a direct blood relative, spouse or assigned to you for official business.) to the service counter located on 3rd floor of Jihe Complex for inspection. All the required documentation will be returned to you immediately after review (No photocopies are required to reduce paper waste.).
Due to limited parking availability as assigned by the Jihe Community Association, the Division will allocate parking spaces depending on the situation for instructors, administrative staff, work-experience completion program students and other related personnel.
The Division will partially or entirely suspend the parking service during major campus events, and advance notifications will be issued. Parking spaces may not be occupied for long periods of time; furthermore, Community security guards and MCU security staff will spot check the parking areas. Individuals who repeatedly violate this regulation will be reported to their responsible units for review or responsible divisions in accordance with University regu lations.
Fees for parking permit
1. Car parking permit for administrative directors and full-time faculty: 4000NTD/per academic year
2. Car parking permit for administrative staff members: 4000NTD/ per academic year
3. Car parking permit for part-time faculty and student club advisors: 1000NTD/per academic year
4. Car parking permit for Work-experience Master''s Students: 5000 NTD/ per academic year (Attachment: Parking Permit Application Regulations for Students of Work-experience
5. Contact person: Mr. Chang, Hsin-Cheng (ext.8252)


by Dr. Radut.