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2016.01.21 Jihe Compus Insect Disinfection Notice

Dear colleagues,
So as to maintain good environmental hygiene, Jihe Complex (including Ming Chuan Hotel) will be sprayed for insects beginning at 5 pm on February 15, 2016 (Monday). You are hereby advised to observe the following:
1. Stay away from these facilities and surrounding areas during the spraying and for at least 30 minutes afterwa rds.
2. Cover or remove personal belongings, utensils and aquariums.
3. Wash your hands with soap before meals.
4. See your doctor for immediate attention if you develop any physical discomfort.

Responsible Extermination Company: I-Dui Disinfection and Cleaning Company Contact Information: (03)339-1122
Responsible Personnel: Gu Zhi-Xiang 0937-805905
Technician: Tan Xue-Feng
Best regards,

General Affairs Section
Jihe Complex Administration Division 


by Dr. Radut.