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Pearson VUE

Pearson VUE, which became a part of Pearson plc family in 2000, is the global leader in providing international authorized certification testing service for industries, including such tests as GMAT, Novell, FINRA, DSA, DVA and NCLEX. Since 1997, Pearson VUE Authorized Test Center has provided electronic testing service globally for IT certification testing industry, including Cisco, LPI, Novell, CompTIA, Citrix and many more. Through constant creativity and multiple developments aligned with industry upgrade and service quality, Pearson VUE continually strives to provide more comprehensive certification testing support for every client.
Pearson VUE website
Please register on Pearson VUE website (http://www.vue.com) three working days before examination.

Pearson VUE Test Center
Please call Pearson VUE Test Center (0800-666-022) for confirmation.
◎ Office hours   : 09:00 – 18:00, Mon. to Fri. [TW] UTC+8 
◎ Registration time : 09:00 – 17:30, Mon. to Fri.
Confirming registration
  • Please call Pearson VUE Test Center (0800-666-022) for confirmation.
  • After registration, please carefully read the confirmation E-mail message sent from Pearson VUE Test Center.
  • If you do not receive confirmation message the day before examination, please contact Pearson VUE Test Center (0800-666-022).
  • If you want change or cancel a test, please inform Pearson VUE Test Center three working days in advance in person before 6:00 p.m. [TW] UTC+8.
  • After registration, please confirm whether your confirmation is received two days before the examination.
  • Examinee should not be absent; if there is no verifiable reason for absence, the test expense will not be refunded.
Expense and payment
  • Test expense change often; please refer to original testing agency's announcement for current fees.
  • If you register on Pearson VUE Test Center website, please pay in full via online credit card payment before the examination.
  • Please bring two copies of a government-issued photo-ID card such as Citizen/Resident ID Card, medical insurance card, driver’s license or passport.
  • Please be punctual for your test time. An examinee who is late for 15 minutes will forfeit the right to take the test and receive no refund of test fee.
  • Before a test, please carefully read test regulations and sign the agreement. For any questions, please ask the proctor.
  • Any violations such as plagiarism or communication toward test content are strictly prohibited during test. No personal items (including food, drink, or translator) are allowed. If necessary, electronic receiver is approved for specific test, depending on regulations. If examinee violates regulations and refuses to follow the instructions of proctors, we reserve the right to cancel the test and inform Pearson VUE for further action.
  • The proctor has absolute authority to enforce regulations.
  • We provide only two pieces of paper and one pen for examinee before testing and they should be returned after testing.
  • The system will immediately print out test results for the record after testing.
  • For any other questions, welcome to contact GeeGo Systems (+886-2-2711-6373).
Opening hours
    10:00 – 17:00,   Monday,   Thursday


by Dr. Radut.