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Academia-Industry Innovation Center

In light of the competition for jobs that graduates have to face following graduation, the Academia-Industry Innovation Center is established in accordance with Founder Pao’s belief of “attending to all students with parental care, support, and guidance” to help students break through the status quo and extend their careers.

Therefore, the university expects the center to provide innovative opportunities for all faculty members and students, as well as stimulate students to implement what they have learned. Academia-Industry Innovation Center will select excellent works to be developed as gifts for the university’s honored guests.
We hope to build the reputation of advising creativity and cultivating students with excellent works, as their innovative products and services are introduced to the world. We also expect to stimulate students to increased levels of innovation, and as a result, enhance their career competitiveness.
Overall, the most important function of our center is to serve as a broker in helping students to execute what they have learned, nurture unique skills, earn their living, and contribute to the society.        
Product Innovation Center has five exhibition spots:
Taoyuan Campus: Product Innovation Center (1st Floor of Tourism and Languages Building)
Taipei Campus: Digital Marketing Lab and 1st Floor of Library
Jihe Complex: 3rd Floor and Ming Chuan Hotel (7th Floor)






by Dr. Radut.