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General Affairs Section

Extension No. 8013
E-mail wjlin@mail.mcu.edu.tw

Promotes regular operations at the university
Supervises and assesses the performance of the team members.
Supervises and assesses of the performance of campus security guards.
Organizes activities during holidays, celebrations, and meetings
Handles all evening administrative matters





Extension No. 8252
E-mail sike@mail.mcu.edu.tw

Examines and repairs water and electrical equipment, and air conditioners.
Assists Section Chief with supervision of water and electrical maintenance.
Handles miscellaneous maintenance.
Manages air conditioning use during campus celebrations and other big events.
Inspects discarded electrical equipment.
Repairs and changes lights in classrooms and offices.
Examines and repairs drinking fountains and water dispensers.
Maintains fire extinguishers.
Handles interior decoration and maintenance
 Assisting the supervisor in promoting and managing the general affair issues.
Processes all documents (forms) relating to Professional training Program and extension students in Night Division
Selecting and managing part-time students workers on complex.
Handles Parking Permit Applications.
Coordinates venue use and classroom changes on holidays.
Manages security and cleaning on complex.
Decorates activity venues.



by Dr. Radut.