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2013.07.12 TOEFL-iBT test be canceled on 7/13、7/14

TOEFL-iBT test be canceled on 7/13、7/14



2013.05.15 Special Discount offered by Momentum

To promote good exercise habits and enhance community connection, Momentum Sporting Goods is offering a special discount to MCU faculty, staff and students. Starting now, show your MCU student or employee ID card to the flagship shop of Momentum (2F, No.130, Jihe Rd, Taipei City. 2nd floor of Jihe complex building); with any amount of purchase and you may apply for a VIP card by completing the application form. (An individual may only apply for one card). This VIP card can be used at all Momentum shops in Taiwan and will be valid for one year.


2013.01.29 Jihe-Complex Notice

1.Jihe-Complex will be closed for the Chinese New Year from February 9 (Saturday) to February 12 (Tuesday). We apologize for the inconvenience. Your understanding is appreciated.
2.During the Chinese New Year, our campus security guards will be on duty at the third floor reception (extension 8211). Please contact them if you require assistance. 


2013.1.16 So as to maintain cleanliness on Jihe-Complex

Dear colleagues,
So as to maintain cleanliness on camplex, Jihe-Complex (including student dormitory) will be sprayed for insects beginning at 2 pm on February 7, 2013 (Thursday). You are hereby advised to observe the following:
1. Stay away from these facilities and surrounding areas.
2. Keep windows closed and cover foods and aquariums.
3. Wash your hands with soap before meals.
4. See your doctor for immediate attention if you develop any physical discomfort.



by Dr. Radut.